Bosch Brake Discs

Bosch Brake Discs


Brand Name Bosch
Condition New
Warranty 1 Year
Application Brake Parts
Packaging Type Pallets
Surface Galvanized
Shape Circular

Stop in time, every time. While braking, most pressure is applied on the brake disc. Made from high-quality cast steel, Bosch Brake Discs are resistant to corrosion and wear, providing assured stopping power over a long operating life. Designed for high performance in the most extreme conditions, Bosch Brake Discs are featured as original equipment by leading auto-makers in their vehicles.

Features :

  • Cast in Steel - Improved engine performance and higher vehicle weights are increasing the quality requirement for braking systems. Only brake discs made from high-grade materials and homogenous casting structures without trapped air and friction will meet the specifications of the car manufacturers.
  • Minimal Tolerances for Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) and Run-out: These characteristics are essential for best braking comfort. Considerable variation of the friction ring’s thickness generates immediate vibrations (oscillating brake torque) which cause brake judder and noise.
  • Always Replace in Pairs: Brake discs are subject to wear and should always be replaced as two per axle as soon as one of them drops below the recommended minimum thickness.
  • Say Goodbye to Braking TroubleBrake vibrations and squealing are usually caused by irregularities on the brake disc surface or by a side run-out of the disc.
  • However, excessive slackness of the wheel bearings, the wheel suspension and even the steering conduction components can be a factor too. Professional repairs and the use of high-quality spares help eliminate these problems.

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Part No. Application
General Motors
F 002 H23 903-8F8 Chevrolet Tavera
Mahindra & Mahindra
F 002 H23 900-8F8 Scorpio (Old)
F 002 H23 901-8F8 Bolero
Maruti Suzuki
F 002 H23 902-8F8 Alto
F 002 H23 905-8F8 800
F 002 H23 906-8F8 Swift

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